Were the NBA’s milestone contracts well-deserved?

The amount of money professional athletes make is a constant talking point among fans and the general public. When you’re job is to keep your body in shape year-round, maintain and improve your reps, and perform well when it’s time to compete, these massive price tags for your services are justified. We see this practice in plenty of sports worldwide. Boxing (and other combat sports) and soccer are pros at dropping an entire bank on someone’s wallet.

Takeaways and surprises from ESPN’s latest NBA Power Rankings

It is an interesting time in the NBA as we continuously await how teams will look next season. While in full swing, free agency appears to be on pause. Meanwhile, fans await the materialization of moves that could change the landscape of the league. Damian Lillard wants to trade Portland’s greener pastures for Miami’s palm trees and beaches. James Harden is forced to reciprocate the brotherly love in Philadelphia but has his eyes on an exit.

But not all teams carry heavy baggage from last seaso
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